Terms of Purchase


Style Group Scandinavia AB (Styleshop)
Org. no. 556762-4472
VAT no.: SE556762447201
Address: Södra Hamnvägen 3, 461 38, Trollhättan
Style Group Scandinavia AB and its partners will henceforth be referenced as ”Styleshop”.


2.1 These Terms of Purchase (“TOP”) apply to all purchases made by the customer (“Customer”
or “You”) when the customers orders via style.shop. By purchasing from
Styleshop you agree to the contract.

2.4 Styleshop reserves the right for Styleshop to alter and update TOP without notifying you
as a customer about the alterations in questions. The TOP puplished on style.shop
at the time of your purchase is the terms that apply. If TOP change post your
purchase, the terms prior to alterations still apply for all requests regarding your purchase.


By confirming your purchase in the last checkout step, a binding contract is made were
you agree to purchase the Items in your basket. Upon confirming your purchase, Styleshop
will send you an order confirmation per e-mail. A binding contract is deemed active upon
recieving the order confirmation. Styleshop thusly ask you to pay in full as soon as possible,
although no later that defined by the payment method.


4.1 The prices shown at the time of your purchase are considered final. The prices are given
in dollars (USD) and include VAT taxes. Styleshop retains ownership for all items until they
have been paid in full.

4.2 Styleshop covers shipment costs, except on orders below 95USD or returns not using the provided return label.

4.3 Styleshop reserves the right to issue a return fee of 7USD if all items are returned.

4.4 Styleshop reserves the right to issue a processing fee of 30USD on a shipment that is returned unclaimed.


5.1 Styleshop offers the following payment options: credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard),
invoice or installments. All payment methods are made through Klarna Checkout (“Klarna”).
Styleshop reserves Styleshop the right to not offer all payment options for every purchase
and will refer you to applicable payment options. You are responsible for any costs that may be caused by transactions. You can find Klarnas terms here.

5.2 If you choose to pay by credit or debit card your card will be charged on the day
Styleshop ships your order. The sum will, however, be reserved by Klarna AB (“Klarna”) in
connection with your purchase.

5.3 When paying by invoice, Klarnas terms apply. You accept these terms when confirming
you purchase. Read more about what applies when paying by Klarna invoice here.

5.4 By accepting these TOP you accept having all invoices and credit notes sent to you exclusively
in electronic form.


6.1 Styleshop is only required to deliver items available in our warehouse, including items
to-be delivered from our providers. If an item is not available Styleshop will contact you
and issue a refund for the amount without unnecessary delay. Furthermore, Styleshop has
no obligation to order purchased items from anywhere else. (Acquisition Risk).

6.2 Items purchased through style.shop will only be delivered within
the chosen country. When delivery is estimated in days, it is understood that these refer to monday
through friday, excluding Swedish holidays.

6.3 Styleshop will ship your purchase to the service point connected with the delivery address
provided in the purchase. Normal delivery time is 2-5 days from purchase.


7.1 Promotional offers are offers that can’t be bought, but are offered as a part of
Styleshops marketing and are only valid for a limited time.

7.2 Promotional offers can only be used once (1) per purchase and only within the time limit
for the offer. Some brands or items might be excluded from the offer, which means that
promotional offers cannot be used to purchase from thses brands or items. Promotional
offers cannot be used to purchase gift cards. Please note that your purchase might need to
be over a certain value for the promotional offer to be applicable.

7.3 The sum total for the purchased items must equal to or greater than the promotional
offer. If the sum total is greater then the promotional offer, you will be charged the remaining
amount upon choosing a payment option mentioned above (please see 5.1). It is not
possible to exchange promotional offers for cash. The sum of the promotional offer will not
be refunded if you withdraw or return you purchase. Styleshop will, however, refund you
the amount you paid for the returned items. This means that a refund will not cover any
amount subtracted from your sum total through a promotional offer.

7.4 A promotional offer can only be applied before completing your purchase. This means
that it is not possible to retroactively apply any promotional offers. Promotional offers are
personal and may not be handed over to a third party, unless otherwise stated. Pormotional
offers cannot be combined, unless otherwise stated.

7.5 If you used a promotional offer and then choose to withdraw your purchase or return
one ore more items and this results in the total sum being less than the promotional offer,
Styleshop reserves its right to charge you the full amount for the items you keep (depending
on the conditions for the pormotional offer in question).


8.1 Gift cards constitutes value credits that are up for sale. Gift cards can only be used to
purchase items and cannot be used to purches further gift cards. If the sum total of a purchase
is greater than the sum of the gift cards, the remaining amount can be paid through
available payment option mentioned above (please see 5.1). Please note that if the sum
total is lesser than the gift card, the remaining value on the card will be void.

8.2 Gift cards and value credits can only be applied before completing your your purchase.
It is not possible to exchange gift cards or value credits for cash.


9.1 When making a purchase on style.shop you have a legal right to withdraw
your purchase.

9.2 If you want to return an item, usse the included return form and label. If you have any
questions regarding the return process, difficulties with the return form or label or if you
are in need of a new return form or label please contact our customer support (you find
our contact information in section 14 below).

Your right to withdraw

9.3 You have the right to withdraw your purchase from Styleshop and return your order
without providing any reason within fourteen (14) days. The withdrawal period of fourteen
(14) days begins on the day that you or third party acting on your behalf, but not the shipment
provider, recieves the last item in your order.

9.4 If you want to withdraw your purchase, please send a clear, written message to e-mail
hello@style.shop, or to Styleshop on address:
Södra Hamnvägen 3
461 38 Trollhättan

9.5 You can also withdraw your purchase by using the standard form provided by swedish
Konsumentverket (www.konsumentverket.se) and send it to the above address och e-mail..
Since this is in swedish we recommend that you use the above options.

Term of withdrawal

9.6 If you withdraw your purchase from Styleshop, Styleshop will refund you for all items
including shipment costs. The refund will be issued as soon as possible but no later that
fourteen (14) days from the day Styleshop recieved your notice of withdrawal. Styleshop
will issue the refund through the payment option used unless otherwise agreed upon. Our
refund won’t incur any costs for you. Styleshop reserves the right to withhold the refund
until Styleshop has recieved all items from you.

9.7 If you choose ot withdraw you purchase, you are obligated to return all items as soon
as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) days from the day you informed Styleshop of
your withdrawal.

9.8 Please see section 10.6 below for information about shipment costs.

9.9 Please see section 10.7 below for information about full returns and return fees..

Withdrawal form

(If you wish to withdraw you purchase, please fill in this form and send to Styleshop)
Attn: Styleshop, Södra Hamnvägen 3, 461 38 Trollhättan, Sweden (e-mail: hello@style.shop)

I/Styleshop (*) hereby inform me/Styleshop (*) that I withdraw my/their purchase pertaining
the following items (*)
• - pruchase date (*)/delivery date (*)
• - consumer name/names
• - consumer address/adresses
• - date
(*) Cross the options not in effect

Exemption from withdrawal right: You are not eligible for a withdrawal on items sealed for
health and hygiene reasons where the seal has been broken.


10.1 Without interfering with your legal withdrawal rights outlined in section 9, Styleshop
also offers the possibility to return items within thirty (30) days from delivery. This return
possibilty allows you to return items from your purchase even after the fourteen (14) days
stated above expire (“Your right to withdraw”).

10.2 If you want to use the provided return label to return your items, please see section
9.2 where applicable.

10.3 Your items are deemed returned in accordance with section 10 if you send your items
within thirty (30) days from the day that you or a third party acting on your behalf, although
not the shipment provider, recieved the last item on the order.

10.4 You have the same right to try the items as if in a physical store. The conditions stated
in section 10.3 applies only if the returned items are returned in their original condition.

10.5 To avoid confusion. No conditions stated in section 10 limit your rights outlined in
section 9 above. Furthermore, this section does not limit your legally protected warranties.
The possibility to return items according to section 10 does not apply to gift cards.

10.6 Shipment costs are only refunded by Styleshop if you return all items within fourteen
(14) days or by using the provided return label within thirty (30) days.
To get a full refund it is required that the items are returned in the same conditions that
they were deivered in. You are required to pay for any damage or other decrease in value
caused by you.

10.7 If a provided return label was not used, you are required to bear the cost of return yourself. Styleshop reserve the right to issue a return fee of 7USD if all items are returned.

10.8 A return is normally processed within 1-3 work days (excluding Swedish holidays) from it arriving at Styleshop's warehouse. An exchange will be shipped within 1 work day from that.

10.9 Styleshop is not responsible for Returns made without using the provided return label. Returns made without the provided label run the risk of being returned to sender. In such cases, Styleshop reserves the right to not accept the return. /p>


11.1 If you at the time of a by section 10 above accepted return want to exchange one or more items you are free to do so provided the sum total reimains the same or less.

11.2 Please see section 6.1 above for information about Acquisition Risk.

11.3 Please see section 10.8 above for information about when an exchange is shipped.

11.4 Please see section 6.3 above for information about shipping time.


12.1 You always have the right to, within one (1) year of recieving an item, reclaim defect or
otherwise faulty items, providing you inform Styleshop within reasonable time from when
you discovered the fault. Reclaims made within two (2) months from discovery are always
deemed to be within reasonable time.

12.2 If the items you return are deemed faulty, Styleshop will issue a refund for the full
amount including any shipment cost. For an item to be deemed faulty, the issue must have
occured before the time of purchase. If you reclaim a faulty item within six (6) months from
the purchase date, it is always considered to have occured before the time of purchase, unless
proven otherwise by Styleshop. If the reclaim is made after six (6) months you are required
to provide proof showing that the fault occured before the time of purchase. If you
want to reclaim a purchase, please contact Styleshop via e-mail hello@style.shop
or to Styleshop on address:

Södra Hamnvägen 3
461 38 Trollhättan
Click here to read more about your right to reclaim.


Refunds are automatically refunded through the payment method used on purchase. If
payment was made with a credit or debit card the refund will be issued respectively. If payment
was made through invoice, the refund will be issued to the account used on payment.
All payments and refunds are made through Klarna. If a gift card was used, the refund will
be issued as normal according to the payment method.


All assets and intellectual property beloning to Styleshop or their licensers including, but
not limited to, brands and works protected by copyright that are shown on style.shop
, belong to Styleshop and their licensers, all rights reserved. This means that any
use of sstyle.shop or its content, outside administration of purchases and services
related to a customers purchase, requires approval from Styleshop. To clarify: Any and
all copying and storing of content from style.shop for other reasons than
private, non-commersial, require approval from Styleshop. This limitation includes, but are
not limited to, brands, company names, product names, images, other graphic content and
product information.


If you are in need of support, please refer to our help section on the webpage or contact
Styleshop here.


65.1 These TOP and your contract with Styleshop neither liberates Styleshop from or limits
Styleshops responsibilities according to applicable consumer laws.

16.2 Should any condition in these TOP be deemed invalid, this would not affect the validity
of any other conditions in these TOP unless Styleshops or the Customers commitments
become unreasonably burdensome by excluding such conditions.

16.3 These TOP are available at style.shop. You can print or save these TOP
by using the regular commands in your browser (usually File -> Save As).

16.4 You can also save your order information that is shown after completing a purchase
on style.shop by using the regular commands in your browser (usually Save
As) or by by waiting for the automatic order confirmation sent by Styleshop to the provided
e-mail address in connection with your purchase. The order confirmation contains your order
information as well as our TOP. These can be saved our printed from your e-mail client.


17.1 You, as a consumer, have the right, if you have a complaint with a purchase that cannot
be resolved through contact with Styleshop, to make us of an alternative dispute resolution
(“ADR”) to settle the matter out of court. Utilizing an ADR is usually cheaper, less
formal and quicker than court. You can only make us of ADR if you are currently residing
withing the EU and the other party is established in the EU. You can either use the online
platform for complaints available on EU Commission website, www.ec.europa.eu/odr, or turn directly to The National Board for Consumer Disputes (“ARN”), www.arn.se. ARN is a public authority that
functions roughly like a court and is approved committee for ADR and follows Directive

17.2 Contact information for ARN as well as Styleshop

The National Board for Consumer Disputes
Box 174
101 23, Stockholm

ARN is included in the national registry of approved ADR committees according to requirements set out
in accordance with Directive 2013/11/EU regarding ADR and consumer disputes set by the EU Parliament
and EU Council on May 21st, 2013:

Style Group Scandinavia AB
Södra Hamnvägen 3
461 38, Trollhättan
Organisationsnummer: 556762-4472
E-mail: hello@style.shop


The TOP as well as the contract between you and Styleshop follows and should be interpreted
in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes should, by these TOP, be settled in Swedish
general court.


Style Group Scandinavia AB is exempt from penalties for failure to fulfill certain obligations as written
above, if the failure is due in liberating circumstances as described below and the circumstance prevents,
obstructs or delays completion. Government action or omission, new or amended legislation, labor market
conflict, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage or accident of a broader scope should be considered as a liberating
circumstance. Force majeure includes government decisions that negatively affect markets and products,
such as restrictions on indication, warning texts, sales prohibition, etc., as well as abnormal decline in the

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